Poland had their „good change” before „making America great again” was even cool.

Happy partisan K. writes letters to American Comrade C.

To pull off an effective lunacy campaign a nation, or more correctly it’s leader and their willing followers need to engage in activities designed to distract the populace and dismantle the framework of the nation. Activities such as suspension of the constitution or un-legislated modifications of it, dilution of the press and therefore the opposition, adjustment of history, manufacture of new knowledge and any other activities that could bring about the re-alignment of the national goals.

Photo Wronscy

Dear partisan C.

Recent happenings motivated me to express my deep sorrow on the unfortunate developments in your country. I mean, nothing is fully lost as yet, you are sort of on a right path. And potential is there as well. In the last days I’ve even seen that, the new commander in chief has capacities to deliver quality stuff. Not bad! Respect for the choice. So, don’t take me wrong. I still believe America can catch up, but … the Poles are actually light years ahead in this rally already.

Sorry … America second!

This time America is behind! Period. The race to win the Lunacy League (LL) has started Continue reading “Poland had their „good change” before „making America great again” was even cool.”

Freedom goes against the wind

Liberalism has choked itself.

Just in case, to make things clear: freedom of an individual is the leading idea and the superior value of liberalism.

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In the heat of political excitement it turns out that the majority of environments connected with politics are so engaged that they become lost in their own values and views. The right wing hands out money, the centre is focused on complaining and the hidden left wing is looking for what is left to be offered. Concentrating on new, catchy party identities makes the political chaos even deeper. It is obvious and understandable that the right-wing populist groups stick to the strategy of chaos, since chaos gives the expected effect in terms of retaining popularity when conducting unpopular activities. Continue reading “Freedom goes against the wind”

Is it time for neo-church?

The same cold, sad and somewhat stale wind is constantly blowing in the churches.

Photo Kuba

Head’s up! You’ll find here a somewhat contrary, blunt, but all in all fitting our times and the linguistic standards opinion present in the pop-journalism. Fear of the church keeps the beautiful, waking to free life Polish society on a short leash and thus true and beautiful Christian traditions as well.

Enough of blunt rhetoric. Let’s have some more subtle topics, suited for the currently ongoing contemplations of the developing Polish national identity.
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What an interstellar psychologist would see?

A long little story to start with

An interstellar psychologist, travelling by UFO from outer space and landing in Poland, would certainly not only see in the citizenry an abundance of positive energy, but would experience the immensity of a population full of human potential and ready for the beauty of living in a free and mature society. This feeling is obvious to everyone; this is what we have all felt in Poland for the past two decades. However, the intergalactic visitor would also encounter some other, quite distinct, emotional turns and atmospheric bumps within the country.

Photo Kaj

The current emotional state of Polish society is, by and large, understandable and apparent, and in the long run it may even prove practical. It might appear unlikely at the moment, but one can discern a pattern of historical regularity with a light flickering at the end of this somewhat gloomy tunnel …

The state of affairs in Poland, as discovered by the otherworldly psychologist, would look thus: A large social group, convinced of harm either suffered in the past or currently experienced (the origin of which is irrelevant), has succeeded in organising itself fairly well in terms of logistics, and has, through real democratic procedures, been chosen to exercise authority over the 40-million-strong populace. In cases when effective governance is not possible through the established means and processes, the group subsequently Continue reading “What an interstellar psychologist would see?”