Is it time for neo-church?

The same cold, sad and somewhat stale wind is constantly blowing in the churches.

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Head’s up! You’ll find here a somewhat contrary, blunt, but all in all fitting our times and the linguistic standards opinion present in the pop-journalism. Fear of the church keeps the beautiful, waking to free life Polish society on a short leash and thus true and beautiful Christian traditions as well.

Enough of blunt rhetoric. Let’s have some more subtle topics, suited for the currently ongoing contemplations of the developing Polish national identity.
The hypothesis that the catholic, or say: numb traditions very often lead to questionably happy endings in various areas – family, friends or as it turns out, socio-national ones, is nothing new. A country, which after 200 years of fighting, dramas, destruction and slavery… is enjoying its best years of freedom and growing wealth, and is becoming at the same time internally conflicted, lost and artificially concerned, serves as a good example. I have some personal experience with “good church traditions” in my family. It took several years of living in other religions’ environments (I deem non-Polish catholic church to be one of them) until I understood and verified certain mechanisms, which were granted to me by the Polish church within its missionary ambitious endeavours.

It is obvious that after various life experiences, facing no other moral and spiritual point of reference… becoming a “Polish church-fearing” person, the fear of whom is in the end mostly manifested in the antipathy to church traced with a deep subconscious obligation towards Polish and churchly morals, is inevitable. These morals are subconscious, which makes them even more dangerous. Many people under the influence of this hypnotic aura of unease make choices which are very often expensive – they cost them good lives in return for the sense of “purity” towards the morality created according to the interpretation of the infallible hierarchs.
Modern church seems to be infested with the fondness of the warm communist times, when the congregation didn’t have to be scared, since they were already scared and afraid and thus they sought comfort in the churches. Nowadays normality and rest are present everywhere. It’s warm everywhere and the divinity and love springs out of every place… but paradoxically it doesn’t happen so in the churches. The masses are full of this cold, very musty fear of the well-known times.

Neo-church doesn’t mean that it will be easy – on the contrary. Love is an art requiring constant work. Church is its manager and needs constant training and development in order to let Love flourish healthily. This in turn needs facing the internal fear of losing control, sacrifice and one’s own weaknesses. But it’s worth it. First of all because the Polish Church is extremely lucky to have the best congregation which remains faithful to the church even though they’ve been orphans for the last 25 years since the church had to deal with itself then. This resulted in the national social crisis described in the post: What an interstellar psychologist would see?

It’s high time. The congregation deserves some church’s attention in order for the church to swipe its stale fears out and let all the fearful and non-fearful ones in. Not all of us have the possibility to travel all over the world, seek and confront the inherited irrationalities with other, more healthy religious cultures. Polish church has bred a big fear in many people and only the church can chase it away. The church has now a great mentor Pope Francis and is now facing a great opportunity to begin building the new spiritual home in Poland.

It will be pleasant for all of us to feel that church is warm again and that someone is upholding the morality and good old common sense. That everyone wants to, not has to… and that again Poland has a Church and the Poles have regained their spiritual shelter.

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