Why Kaj writes dispatches?

We (Polish) are all naturally-born partisans. It is our national sport and everyone has his own partisan style, depending on his tastes and the constellation of life in which he has been placed.

Fot. Wrońscy
Fot. Wrońscy

This project is my contribution to the partisanship that perpetually infuses Poland. It is probably motivated by a simply curiosity to explore what will happen and where it will fluctuate, but perhaps also by an attempt to distance myself from my own views on the world and life. I will thus attempt to cultivate a style of partisan impartiality! But whatever the outcome, this project is certainly motivated by a super-special, romantic addiction to Polishness. A great longing for Polish emotions, and even simply writing in Polish, are key reasons behind this venture, though the process also allows me to plaster over some of the more divisive fissures in Poland’s national identity. In the end, I really like this longing, so I’m not going to let it go …

Vanity is a natural push to create things that one can share later on, believing that they may prove, for whatever reason, interesting to others. This webpage is thus also a forum in which I can indulge my need to surf my consciousness and learn how much I already know about how much I do not know.

My dear sister, who has three small kids, two jobs and lives in Warsaw said that I have too much time on my hands, where “too” is a key word :). Actually, she is right! If I had three small children, two jobs, and lived in Warsaw, I would certainly not engage in such a project.

Not forgetting the fact that if there is such a blog, it is apparently meant to just be…

It will be a little about politics, a little about philosophies, or maybe even somewhat of a dance between the two… as it is in life.

Everyone is truly welcome.