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Photo Wrońscy
Photo Wrońscy

Primarily, Kaj is not a non-Kaj. The exclusion of all non-Kajs classifies our Kaj as a collector of cultural encounters, an observer of social experiments, and a connoisseur of the twists and turns of life. He happily lives in Mainz, the state capital of Rhineland-Palatinate, and has an adult son and a beautiful family. As Kaj is already ageing (albeit eagerly), he has seen a little and heard a bit, he has peeped here and asked there, and all of his beautiful experiences have made him simply … Kaj.

Recently, a peculiar urge came to Kaj. He suddenly felt like writing stories related to his country, and documenting his viewpoint on its surrounding contemporaneity and geo-historical space, without regard to any particular recipient or any specific application.

Kaj has the opportunity (for which he is eternally grateful) to research the World, as well as the world within himself, with great curiosity. He does this against a backdrop of beautiful nature, surrounded by a milleu of greatly interesting people of all cultures and religions, and within the framework of riveting societal adventures. In a wider context, all of this is happening to the accompaniment of extremely interesting historical twists in Polish religious, cultural, and political identity. For these reasons, he allowed himself to write some simple stories and anecdotes that may prove interesting …or may not.

Kaj placed or will be placing here photos and other visual material that will be carrying certain, sometime less, sometimes more symbolic information. The material posted here, with all its symbolism, conveys no other meaning than potentially polarizing, interesting juxtaposition.